Main Page about Stuff

Stuff will go here. All sorts of stuff!

Mostly stuff about other stuff. Links to other stuff. Stuff like that.

For example:

Twitter, where you can see me whining about working on this very web site.

Or Facebook, where you won't be seeing me complain about making this web site.

Or deviantart, where I used to post a lot of art, but kind of lost track of doing that too, but I plan on putting more art there so that's okay.

Or Tumblr, which I plan on using for actual blogging, because managing comments and spam bots myself is like a joyless, miserable trip through purgatory that was the main reason I stopped blogging and sharing art to begin with. I mean, some of you were awesome, but 99% of it was awful.

There's also Cafepress, where you can buy stuff with my pictures on it.

There's also going to be an Etsy store and a Patreon link, but that's further down the line. Let me get this other stuff working first, ya know? I'll probably sell prints on Deviant Art too.

Yes, this is as much a reminder for me as it is a quick guide for you. Enjoy my lack of professionalism!