This Awesome New Laptop is Awesome

Yep, I has a laptop finally! And it even works!!! I'M USING IT RIGHT NOW SITTING IN MY UNDERWEAR IN BED!!! FREEDOM!!!!

I got a Fujitsu 5010 lifebook it's not just a laptop, it's actually an artists tool. Like a digital sketchbook that you can do other stuff with. It took me a while to settle on what laptop to get, with a lot of help from the forum. Very handy.

So far, I've been taking most of my time banging this thing into shape what with all the software updates and installs and generally getting used to this whole new way of making art and doing all things computer.

Yeah, I know, most tech nerds have had a laptop of sorts since at least the early 1st decade of the 21st century, so I'm maybe 5-6 years slow on picking this up.

As far as complaints go on this rig, I really have very few. Fujitsus are rated as making pretty much the best tablet PCs right now, so that's no surprise. I had my eyes on a Lenovo for a while, until I realized that for ~200 bucks more I could get a whole better generation of hardware in the Fujitsu and get a bigger screen. (DDR2 vs. DDR3 in this thing, for example).

I suppose it could be prettier, if I had to struggle to find a thing to complain about...and the onboard speakers suck...but that's no surprise. I'm shocked they sound as passable as they do, actually.

One thing I would love is some more modularity in the tablet cover buttons... I'd love to assign keystrokes and such for photoshop to things like the scroll sensor or the thumbprint security swipe thingy. That would be slick, but not a big deal really.

So far I've been grinding away at flash and photoshop. The new interface isn't quite as smooth as my dedicated Wacom tablet for my PC is, but this thing can crank filters ten times faster and, hell, I can take it places.

I now get to join a prestigious group of people: the starbucks laptop snob crowd. For some reason I've always wanted to be one of those douchebags at a coffee shop doing work or surfing the net while eating some kind of pastry and sucking down over-priced bad coffee. I guess you gotta have goals...

Anyway, so far I'm updating the art on the site here that you're reading, sketching, breaking things in, working on comics, and coding up flash games. Good Times.

Ok, so it's late, and I should crash, so I'm going to go play some video games. Laterz y'all.


[quote] now get to join a prestigious group of people: the starbucks laptop snob crowd. [/quote]


... and your clock is off on your website.. i'm posting this and its 12:49am on the 9th..

oh yeh... and ... YUPPIE!!!

I'm not the tool who was drinking Chai and wearing old Navy for a while. Well, ok, I did drink Chai, but I'd never sink so low as to wear old navy. Well, ok, maybe I would.

Oh hell, I give up. Oh, you suck for not coming to new years, btw.

Way to comment in a timely fashion, R-tard