Who is this weirdo?

Plognark is the online handle for me, Ahren Paulson: art geek, comic fan, amateur coder, gamer, science nerd, tinkering engineer wannabee, atheist, skeptical environmentalist type. I hate liberals, but I really hate conservatives, so I guess that makes me liberal... or maybe just a cynic.

I am the product of an extraordinarily fucked up childhood and too many hours spent watching even more fucked up television. My art is a crude combination of Dr. Suess and Edward Gorey. My writing is a poor combination of Howard Stern and Monty Python.

 I do stuff with computers to pay the bills. I've got a wife, two cats, two dogs, and a rotating foster critter for a local animal shelter. This is my blog, my gallery, my forum, and my technical testing ground for all sorts of nonsense. Here, I whine about life, the universe, and everything, and dump assorted sketches and projects that I rarely finish for people to occasionally look at.

So, welcome and all that.

If you want to contact me, go here. I've got enough of a list of projects that I'm not looking for any long term work, but I'm more than happy to do some freelance illustrations, concept art, or web design.