Thank God That's Over With

Well, we're finally done. It's finally over. No more George Bush; now we have Obama. Now, I may be an atheist, but thank god the bullshit of the last eight years are over with. I mean, really, it has been one long crappy road with that idiot in charge.

Hopefully things will start to suck less in years to come. I'm pretty confident that they will, but you never know. That being said, I can scarcely imagine Obama could fuck things up any worse than what this nation and, indeed, the entire world has been through.


And There Arose a Great Gnashing of Teeth

Ok, more political BS, then I swear I'm done till the next major election or the next time a politician screws up. I'm sort of killing time waiting for my laptop to arrive, since Fujitsu keeps pushing back the bloody ship date.

Anyway, Obama won, we have our first black president, and the Democrats control everything just short of being filibuster proof in the senate (which I think is a good thing).


Election Time...

Well, it's election day tomorrow.


This has been a pretty crazy election year... I'm glad it'll be over soon. I'm especially glad that Obama appears to be winning by a huge margin too; maybe we can get finally get past this historical period of Republican idiocy.

In other news, I'm waiting impatiently for my new tablet PC to show up. I can't really afford the thing, but the extra hours of work I'll be able to put in while commuting and during lunch will be most excellent.

The Worst Interview(er) Ever: Barbara West

This election season has been a profound source of right-wing idiocy. Sure, there's plenty of left wing idiocy too, but the profound and absolute failure of the Republican party over the past eight years has produced some stunning material.

Like this moron, Barbara West. This is an interview of hers with Joe Biden that's so bad it has to be watched to be believed. It's as if Biden is being interviewd by a creepy news-anchor version of a stepford wife with a malfunctioning turing program.


The Worst Idea Ever

So far I've actually been rather quiet about politics this election season. I suppose part of it is my attempt to be a bit more professional, less partisan, more appealing to visitors once I get some content built.

But today, I must speak.

I watched the debates last night, between John McCain and Barrack Obama. Especially the part about health care. You see, I used to work in the insurance industry, so I know at least a little itty bit about it. And this is what I found:

Weird Politics

Insert witty comment here

So the Iowa caucus results are in, and it would appear that the favored candidates for both the Republicans and Democrats have been firmly rejected by the voting public. Not Romney, But Huckabee. Not Hillary, but Obama.

Weird. I mean, it's cool, but it's weird.



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