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I got a raise! then I lost my shit and hid in the handicapped bathroom at work for fifteen minutes

Some sketches, for anyone who wants to look at a picture rather than read my wall of text.

This was, originally, a blog entry about something else, but I like to recycle, so it's being purged and rewritten.

I got a raise this week. Not a big raise, but it was still a raise. This is both good, and a huge deal, because I haven't had a raise in over three years.

Plognark's Adventures with his Stupid, Stupid Brain

Spirit Summoner

Yes, yes, I am in fact alive. Shocking, I know.

A few things before I launch into my... whatever stream of conscience madness I'm preparing to unleash.

COMMENTS: I believe that I have fixed the comment issue that was screwing up registered users; I finally set it so they can just straight up bypass the spam filter.

No More Commissions.

Oil can anyone?

This is a tough bastard of a blog entry to write. Most of these, when I update them, are pretty meaningless and not well thought out. Hell, half of them are stream-of-consciousness, so there's no forethought in them at all.

This one's gonna be different. I've been thinking about this one for weeks now.

I'm going to stop doing commissions.


I do not understand Painter

A bunny in a field

So I got a full copy of painter last month on sale, because I want to expand my digital art skills. Some of the work I see artists create using painter blows my mind; it seems to have a flow and organic feel to it that's lacking in more technical programs like Photoshop.

The only problem is, I have no idea how to use it.



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