The Stupid, It Burns

The Stupid, It Burns

Back in the early days of the internet, there was much talk of the new found freedom of and access to information. People would be given the opportunity to learn and read about things that they might never have the chance to find out about in some local library or bookstore or hear about on the radio or see on TV.

The Information Age, when all humankind would become more enlightened and aware and knowledgeable, where the consciousness of the species would raise and cultural exchanges and deeper understanding woud be possible.

So what do we find today, now that the internet is so common and so many people are using it to communicate and share ideas?

First, there's an incredible abundance of porn on the internet. But that's not what this is about.

The big revelation, as it turns out, is that there are some seriously stupid motherfuckers out there.

Really, this shouldn't have ever come as a surprise to anyone. When you get down to it, and no matter how fervently people wish to deny it, we're all just angry, horny apes with oversized brains. Now, the porn thing has been discussed to death. It's a boring topic, really. The really interesting thing is the stupid shit.

We're all capable of doing, saying, and thinking dumb things. Humans suck at logic and making rational arguments, especially to ourselves. But now, with the internet, all of this stupid can be accessed by anyone at any time with no delays.

Young Earth Creationists, Religious Extremists, Conspiracy Theorists, New-age loons, Political extremists, Creepy perverts, EMO teenagers, Racists, Sexists, Furries, Anti-vaccine freaks, and everyone who's got fingers and can at least hunt and peck letters on a keyboard has suddenly gained a forum, an outlet for their absurd notions, where they can share their shitty irrational ideas and infect other irrational monkies with absurdities.

Is this a bad thing? Hell. No. This is fucking great. :thumbs:

This gives me the chance to make fun of every stupid retarded idea that our species comes up with. I mean, sure, sure, maybe we'll all become more enlightened and tolerant and better able to appreciate different cultures and solve the world problems and all that, but in the mean time, there is so much stupidity to be made fun of that it makes me giddy just thinking about it.

I've come across plenty of excellent stupidity just this month alone! My fellow primates have been in fine form!


Once again, it's black History month, and the bleating of the poor oppressed caucasian has yet again cried out with "Why is there no white history month? Why are the Darkies so special???"

Young Earth Creationists are still at it, vociferously defending a world view straight out of the bronze ages with 21st century computer and internet technology. Even the Republican candidate Huckabee has expressed his disbelief in modern science and biology, and he might have a shot at the white house.

Scientologists are still at it too! Tom Cruise in particular has now been shown to be one of the kookiest sons of bitches in America. At the same time, Jerry O'Connell proves that he's one funny motherfucker. Ok, so that last one isn't stupid, but it shows how awesome the power of the internet is for finding and goofing on idiocy in all it's forms.

Conservatives argue about whether one of their possible candidates is really conservative or just another dirty liberal. The words liberal and conservative and how they're defined become so muddled that they lose all possible meaning and the total collapse of the english language ensues.

Even better, police toss cripples out of wheelchairs! I mean, seriously, you can't even make up stuff this insane and moronic!


In the past we'd have to trawl through newspapers or listen to the nightly news and rely on spotty reporting to pick up on this stuff. Now? Shit, every dumb thing anyone ever does can now be caught on tape and put up on youtube. It's awesome. It's glorious. There is just so much more material to poke fun of now than ever before. There's so much stupid, and it burns like the heat of a thousand suns.


Hmm, well, it seems like people really like this picture, so what the hell, now you can buy Stupid Burning Stuff! YAY!



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but ppl can always choose what to read or choose to ignore or choose to be angry...the stupid is just one part of human being. Or the Internet actually pushed it to the extreme...Just relax. I won't take anything seriously about what happened on the Internet. Who knows the truth...and the reality,at least ppl live nearby is different..

I know this is your copyright, but I'd love to have your permission to post a low res or small copy on

please :)

Regards, Terry

I attached a creative commons license to this, although I don't think I've explicitly stated that here on the site. I know that's what I have attached on deviantart anyway.

Basically, feel free to use it as long as you give me credit and don't try to profit from it. It's fair game after that :)

:) Thanks for keeping us safe while we peruse your work :P

Dead. I kind of figured, but thanks for the heads up anyway :)

Actually, I just got rid of quite a bit of spam. My filter probably needs updating or something.

I agree totally that it is easy to find stupid and funny shit on the internet, I browse Digg all day and find loads of funny and stupid people, god I love technology


Of course, if it was your kid who had a seizure or shaking on the floor and winds up dead or with
permanent neurological damage and a debilitated life shortly after a vaccine shot in the arm your outlook might be different.

If there was any evidence that the two things were connected, I suppose. Correlation does not equal causation.

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