My Fifteen Minutes Have Arrived

Ok, not really, but it's cool to see some of my old sketches take on a life of their own. This one sort of got some attention earlier this year, and now it's come around and made the rounds and wound up getting a mention on one of the few blogs I actually read (Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy site).

I are amused. :D

ETA: It looks like PZ Myers has decided he likes my illustration too! Very cool!

Now I'm curious what other odd places this has shown up...


I love this picture. gonna use it as my iphone wallpaper

I've come here from Phil's page out of curiosity. I have seen this drawing in a lot of skeptical sites lately and love it. I took a look at some of your other stuff while I was here, you're very talented. Hope it pays well some day, if it isn't already. One question, how do you feel about people using the image?

Well, I'm getting to where I might cover hosting fees one day... hehe

I purposefully put the image out there for anyone to use, so I actually like that everyone is using it. I suppose that won't make me any extra money or anything, but I don't care, it's my one little bit of internet immortality. :D

Think of it as a wandering resume.

Consider getting a Creative Commons license, tho, that way your rights are spelled out plainly. The work is good, and if people are starting to make a buck on it, you deserve a cut.

I work at as a Help Desk Analyst, a career that relies upon the facts that computers are crap and people are stupid. This illustration now hangs on my cubicle wall and a display of what my day is like on a regular basis.

Oh, the pain.

I've also come over from Bad Astronomy, and just wanted to say that I love the way that the flames from his head illuminate the left side of his body. It's just a very cool detail that makes the image that much better.


A perfect use of the image. Well played sir (or Ma'am)!

Hi, plognark, please get in contact we me. I would have written an email, but could not find your address.

(Repost from ):

plognark, my apologies for the outright theft of your intellectual property through the creation of a derivative work. If you want me to make this go away, say the word and it's gone.

Phil, here it is: The Phil Plait Version of plagnark's "The Stupid, It Burns"!:

I'm a big fan of Phil's site, and I think that pic with Phils head shopped in is hilarious :D

so, no complaints here!

Ahren, can you email me? I tried your contact area but go Acces Denied. I'd like to explore the possibility of using this piece of artwork on my blog. Thanks; Alex

Thanks, you just got me to check my permissions and realize some of them had been reset with a module update I did a few weeks back.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with people using the image on their blog for anything, although it would be awesome if they put a hot link to my site on it or give me some small mention. Other than that, feel free to use it.

Thanks for the permission, and I'll link back to his page on every use. Do you want a trackback so you get to see how it's being employed?

Thanks again, appreciated.

Yeah, I'd love to see how this thing fares out in the wild hinterlands of the internet :D

Which reminds me, I have to get off my ass and finish my theme updates and stuff. *sigh*

Not only are the spam bots pimping viagra retarded, so is my captcha, apparently.

I still have it set so that I have to verify comments form unregistered users. I intended to disable that, but clearly I forgot in my old age. *sigh*

Anyway, thanks for the link ^_^

I've loved your iconic "The Stupid, it burns" for many months now. To my delight it has been used on the Bad Astronomy blog to reference a bit of satire that the London Telegraph has spun into a crazy fluff piece- that includes out of context, unattributed quotes from me. I was so honored to be misunderstood and slapped with the Bad Astronomy icon that I responded on my blog that I had been Plognarked

Get the link set up and start making some $$$$!

Seriously. It needs to say "The Stupid" above the graphic and "It Burns" underneath.

I'll by six right away...

Thank you for your attentiveness Dave ^__^

That's like, the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me *sniff*

Howdy Howdy!

Just a quick ping to let you know that I believe your illo actually has mystical theraputic properties, and that I am linked to this thread and to your CafePress merch featuring The Stupid.

Thanks again for doing something so nice for the Universe. Wish there were more like you.

Best -- Brin

I have no idea what sort of cosmic universal truth I tapped into with this goofy throw away sketch, but man, people sure do seem to like it. ^_^

The only problem now is that I'll probably never top it. Ah well.

Love this art. Wish I had the ability to create something like this. And, this one is just so apropos to so many situations...

This picture just made my day! It was sent to me after I complained about internet stupidity. LOL I love it so much that if you don't mind, I would like to use this as my desktop image on my laptop.

I would love to have this on my you have a Wall paper version of this ?or may be you can think of creating a sequel with few other follow up images..

Rishi - iPhone developer

I don't have a wallpaper version, although if I did it would probably just expand the white canvas out to a wider dimension. I could throw one up here if you'd like; what dimensions were you looking for?

I've used the phrase and perhaps passed the graphic around as well - I'm positive I linked back to here. I hope! Kudos to a great illustration of how we feel when we are faced with a substantial amount of stupidity. :D

I have this hanging up at work in my cubical.
It lets me know who the stupid people are because I have to explain it to them.
(And they still don't get it!)