Blurred Wing Tutorial, and a Cute Little Faerie

One of the few critters I've drawn that's not just outright evil.

I did this sketch specifically for someone who was asking how I created the blurred wing effect on the slightly infamous Butcher Faerie.

I actually revised my technique a little bit, since I sort of hosed how I did it initially and wound up losing the original hand-drawn wasp wings in an over-zealous layer merge.

I do wish Photoshop had an active blur filter preview; perhaps I just don't know about it, or there's a plugin for it?

Anyway, the tutorial is a gigantic image for proper submission to Deviantart, so if you're curious, click on the picture or link above. :)



Don't know if anyone is interested. But I tried this blur technique in PAINT.NET (which is free and open) and it worked verbatim. I'm a novice but very interested and am tired of paying through the nose for software.
Thx 4 listening.