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Undead Ninjas and Disgruntled Atheists

Oh yeah, heart ripping good time right here

Continuing on with my super-dork-geek habits, I've been doing all sort of sketches for the D&D game I've been running for a few buddies of mine. This here ghoul ninja is just one among a cast of villains.

I've had to go back and 'hit the books' again to figure out how to draw legs and ankles and feet all over again.

And now for something completely different

No fapping allowed

Ok, so my last post there was a Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but I feel the need to balance things out, so here's a pic of a skinny hot vampire chick I did for my D&D game.

Yes, I'm a colossal nerd, that's fine. Interestingly, a lot of my studies of characters came from trying to capture the characters I invented, or my friends invented, in our gaming hang-out-and-goof-off sessions.


Good Ideas Someone Else Thought of - or - Stupid World of Warcraft *grumble*

He Shoots Things

So I like designing games and thinking up new systems and such. I actually have one for a table-top game that will most likely make no money for me, but is kin of a fun project and gives me some good direction for both my art and feeble attempts at coding browser based online games.

Recently, I finally gave up all resistance and started playing World of Warcraft.

Life doesn't expect much from a gamer


So I heard an amusing quote from a gamer acquaintance last night as I was moving a gigantic modular bar around for a Barfleet event that I will, saddly, not be participating in. Made all the more amusing because it was stated by a cute hippy-chic gamer in her very own home, as opposed to the stereotypical male-slovenly-fashion-impaired-still--lives-with-parents loser.

"I'm really impressed by this thing.

Jets n' Guns

Shooting stuff for fun and profit 

Every once in a while I trawl the intarweb for space shooter type games. Maybe I'm dating myself, but I've always had a soft spot for those old-school scrolling shooter type games. I happened to stumble on one that actually kicks ass through a google search called Jets n' Guns.


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