Skepticism and Religion

Roger Ebert Tells Ben Stein to Suck It

Yes, I have my laptop, yes, I will post more about that bit of awesomeness later.

RIght now, I want to talk about Roger Ebert, Ben Stein, and a travesty of crappy propaganda called Expelled.

Roger Ebert takes Stein and the shitty little movie he was in to task with a degree of contempt that warms my heart. Go ahead, read it here. It's really quite amusing!

So is God outside of time or what?

I recently took a fairly long hiatus from arguing with religious people, creationists, and other kooks on the internet. It really is a pretty major waste of time. Part of it was all the internet drama around the Internet Infidels forum and what a wasteland it's turned into, but that's a whole different topic.

Anyway, There is some value in arguing with shitheads on the internet: you get the chance to try all of your own beliefs, concepts, and morals by fire.

Undead Ninjas and Disgruntled Atheists

Oh yeah, heart ripping good time right here

Continuing on with my super-dork-geek habits, I've been doing all sort of sketches for the D&D game I've been running for a few buddies of mine. This here ghoul ninja is just one among a cast of villains.

I've had to go back and 'hit the books' again to figure out how to draw legs and ankles and feet all over again.


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