4th Edition D&D and Useless Wastes of Money, or: Wizards can eat my Poo

Ooh, he's so goth

So Wizards of the Coast, the current owners of the Dungeons and Dragons game line, has just put out a new book. This book is called Wizards Presents: Races and Classes. This book costs about twenty bucks. It has no rules. It has no actual game info.

What's in Your Wallet?

As it turns out, my wallet is full of an absurd amount of miscellaneous useless crap:

Two inches thick baby

See that? That's my old wallet. Seriously, it's just about two inches thick. No, I do (did) not keep it in my back pocket. It simply would not fit. The thing was so clunky that I could barely get it out of my pocket at the drive through of a fast food joint: I had to prepare ahead of time to retrieve the damn thing.


Yesterday Sucked Ass

What, are you crazy?

Ok, so this entry was made yesterday, but I'm editing the hell out of it today, because, well, I dunno, because I can.

Yesterday was a massive keg of liquified shit. The morning started off with me getting rear ended because some fuck cut me off on a turn and the lady behind me clipped my bumper. Things got better when everything at work stopped working, and new and uselss security measures prevented me from getting fuck-all done.


Links, and a little rant

Ooooh, Scary!

Well, finally got around to rebuilding most of my links. A few of them are dead, a few are no longer applicable, and a few I left out on purpose. Not that anyone reads this stuff, so, you know, whatever.

At some point here I need to get around to making myself a theme. Making themes is fun and annoying at the same time, of course. Although I've yet to muck around with Drupal themes. They seem a little cleaner than other web applications I've worked with, but we shall see, naturally.


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