Stupid Injuries

I vant to drink your brains!! 

Another quirk of life I've noticed is that I, and I suspect other people, tend to hurt themselves on/during unexpected objects/activities. For example, yesterday I was doing some relatively major carpentry, building myself a new computer table shelf-thing so I have a little slot for my keyboard and tablet and can generally be a neater, organized, and more productive person.

Coke Blak Redux

tastes like burning 

So I was minding my own business, weaving in and out of super market aisles with the wife, both of us trying to avoid angry senile old people with oxygen tanks on their hips, when what should catch my eye but a four pack of Coca-Cola Blak.

This is something I mentioned before, under the thought that this product would taste like licking the underside of a Camel's nutsack.


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